A Shiny Award!


A One Lovely Blog Award! this is an honor, I’ve been a little obsessive about checking the likes and follows my blog gets, so anything like this honor, courtesy of Kurt R. A. Giambastiani is a huge thrill. To review the provisions around this nomination, I’ll now:

1. Post the Award logo on my blog (check)
2. Thank the blog that nominated me, and link back to them (thanks again, Kurt!)
3. List seven things about me (See below)
4. Nominate some other deserving blogs.

So here now are seven things about me:

1. Back when I worked for Borders, I had the opportunity to work at and attend the after event reception for a John Updike signing, which I like to shorthand as I once had drinks with John Updike.

2. At another signing, my wife gave some banana bread I made to John Lithgow, who called it delicious. I believe this allows me to call myself a celebrity endorsed baker.

3. I am currently working on my first novel, with my “obligation” to post on this blog serving nicely to make that process as slow as possible.

4. I have a wonderful wife, who writes romance novels I like to think are at least partially inspired by me.

5. I have an amazing son who once spent a morning before school singing Tom Waits’ “Cemetery Polka.” I then spent the rest of the day waiting for a call from his teacher, expressing concern.

6. While working as an usher at a movie theater, I convinced the projectionist to teach me how to splice film reels together and thread film into the projector.

7. In college I went to see Green Day perform a free show on the Esplanade in Boston, which devolved into a riot. We went home and I didn’t call my parents until about noon the next day. Nearly 20 years later they still haven’t let that go.

And here are Five great blogs I follow, and you should as well:

1. Vampire Maman
2. Vinnieh
3. The Flannel Files
4. Homemade With Mess
5. Raven Lunatick

Thanks once more to Kurt, and all my readers for the encouragement, and please visit the blogs above, all of whom are well worth your time.


What do you think?

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